Yeah, still good.

TWD Fandom just breathed the biggest sigh of relief of the season. (via socialjusticekoolaid)

So here’s what you missed on Glee:
• Brittana
• Quick
• Unholy Trinity
• Fondue for Two
• Holly Holiday
• Mike Chang’s dance
• The Originals
• The old casts
• Cruel Santana
• Breadstix
• As a Fabrevans-shipper, happy to see them when sitting next each other. Ha!

And that’s what you get in this episode! #Glee100

Glee Cast - Keep Holding On (Glee Cast Season 5 Version)
33,679 plays

Keep Holding On (Glee Season 5 Version)

Glee Cast - Valerie (Glee Cast Season 5 Version)
185,179 plays

Valerie (Glee Cast Version) [100th Episode Version]


Glee Cast filming Don’t Stop Believin’

Ryder & Marley during More Than a Feeling.

City of Angels. Too much Ryley (and Jennoist) :’)